Hotfix #48a - 04/03/2017

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Hotfix #48a - 04/03/2017

Post by TopDog on Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:49 pm

Hotfix #48a - 04/03/2017
Fixed issue with vehicle tires and some animals being stuck in the ground*
Fixed rotation on the shop's shelves (adjusted some so they don't clip through walls)
Rewrote blendspaces so that characters blend consistently well across all speeds - stops odd motion when mutants are in give up behaviour
Fixed issue with players being able to drown easier while swimming
Fixed issue with focus zoom not working when weapon is lowered
Fixed issue with servers restarting right before scheduled times if using 12-hour restarts
Fixed issue with headlamp that could float above a player's head
Fixed apartment proxy you could view through walls in a few spots

* = If a vehicle was saved in the database too low it will be restored that way, but should pop out of the ground when it's hit/driven


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