Update #51

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Update #51

Post by TopDog on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:00 pm

Update #51
• mis_kick fixed kicking by connection's id, added being able to use the Steam id to kick a player
• Improved method base building parts are sent to clients should fix some common base building issues
• Fixed a continual server crash on servers with a lot of farm animals

• Fixed Kythera crash when game is located in a path with some unicode characters
• Fixed issue where some network messages from the server may be missed while logging into the game
• Actionable menu won't appear when weapon is raised around bushes
• Disable lean, jump, and reload during usage of a scope
• World actions may randomly determine which item is found now
• Item durability is now saved and restored when logging back in
• Military spawn locations added
• Adusted police spawn locations so most won't spawn military gear
• Scopes now work on many of the existing weapons
• More world actions added
• Lights will now turn off when a generator runs out of fuel, or an item being removed from it
• Items that can be stored in the belt slots can no longer be stored in secondary slots
• Added recipe to convert old "Sniper Scope" to new "Hunting Scope", as the former is no longer supported on the M40A5

Base Building
• Removed texture color change when base parts are damaged to see if it eliminates a common crash
• Only show the upgrade part action if the player has the required upgrade part in their inventory

• Fixed the brightness, tesselation, and view distance video options
• Updated the look of the chat window to match the new overall theme

• Binoculars added
• Police vests added
• Flak vests added
• Kriss Vector added
• Smoke grenade traps added
• Craftable bow added
• Craftable arrows added
• New scarf variations added (colors can be crafted)
• Many sneaker variations addeds
• Increased laser attachment accuracy
• Adjusted recoil on the AKM
• Fixed headlamp light not working
• Decreased weight of gnomes
• Increased damage of the 12-gauge slugs
• Decreased the Katana's weight
• Damage caused by the bear trapped is slightly increased
• Adjusted weights on most magazines
• Bows should now display the correct arrow, depending which magazine is equipped
• Added Craftable Bow recipe

• Updated Orca Dam area, includes more detail and more item spawns
• Added new player spawn location north of Brightmoor on the east coast
• Updated broken down pickup trucks with newer models
• Fixed radiation zone going over road near center hills
• Updated lighting in Sewers
• Updated lighting in Hotel

• Adjusted sedan sounds inside cabin
• Balanced volume of footsteps on varying surfaces
• Balanced volume of projectile weapons

• Kriss v animations created and setup
• Scope animations added for:
- AT-15 (Optic)
- Mod16 (Optic)
- MK18 (Optic)
- M40A5 (Hunting, optic)
- Carlington (Hunting, optic)
- Renegade (Hunting)
- Hunting rifle (Hunting)

• Firing animations and setup altered to work with scopes
• Ironsight strafing movement looping error corrected
• Dedicated animations for M16, and MK18 firing added
• Weapon animations added to firing for AT15, MK18, and M16 (casing extractor movement added)
• Tranquilizer reload animation fix so dart enters the barrel correctly
• Left hand polish in MK18 aimposes
• Crafted bow and recurve bow now correctly display the type of arrow in use (aluminum/wood)
• Binocular animations added
• Alterations to base movement animations (nw, and weapon) so transitions don't cause weapon to go too close to characters face
• Swimming search self animation added
• Improvements to left hand search self animation to stop issues when dropping active weapon whilst in inventory
• Removed some feet sliding whilst crouching
• Altered transition between crouching and standing stances to be smoother
• Flak vest skinned to male and female character
• Police vest skinned to male and female character
• Reexported weapons for scopes (rail alterations to work with scopes, addition of rails to weapons without them that need them)
• Altered on ground models for certain weapons so they sit correctly on player when stowed
• Mutant idle sounds added
• Whistle stimulus option changed so AI should react to it
• Improvements to drinking and eating animations - particularly when viewing from SFP
• 556x100 box mag now animates during reloading
• New chambered reload animation added for MK18


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