Keep Old Gits Server Alive

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Keep Old Gits Server Alive

Post by NARobz on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:24 pm

Hi all
As you are probably already aware we are in need of help keeping this server alive, we have lost most of our contributors/admins and are struggling to keep the server running.

Our admins currently are Grumps, smj41, NARobz, DemonEyes and DiddycoyUK. Grumps and smj41 are dropping out at the end of November and probably DemonEyes will too when he sees his base has despawned Sad. Myself and Diddycoy just can't keep this running on our own so as we have a nice community going here thanks mostly to Topdog for all his hard work with this forum and discord etc, so we want to give you all the chance to take over the running of the server rather than we just shut it down.

Please let me know your thoughts

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