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Post by GRIM-G4L-DemonEyes on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:34 pm

Hi my name is GRIM-G4L-DemonEyes I have been a game admin for about 12 years now maybe longer. The GRIM part of my name stands for gun running insane mercenaries. We ran many servers from WOW, call of duty, ark, rust and many many more and we had our own server pc too that all admins had access too. I met a few of the other now admins in mrs miscreated were we played pve whitelisted and we decided between us and also sharing the cost of the server to run our own the way we would like to play a server. OLDGITS PVE/PVP was born and the rest is history or future depending how you look at it. We play as players and admin when were needed, but most of all were just like you, all gamers that want to play have fun socialise with new people and make new friends. We like to think we are fair as admins and will never be unapproachable, if you need us we will be there as soon as possible all you have to do is make sure you have us on your steam friends lists so you can contact us for anything you may either need to know or just report an injustice on the server or Death in a pve zone or if you have been raided (report to us name time and location of any incidents it helps us to narrow down our log search.) That's pretty much it about me. Welcome to our server have fun, but most of all meet new friends and create a great community. Peace out
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