tis TopDog here

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tis TopDog here

Post by TopDog on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:31 pm


well a bit about me. I am ex forces, 24 years, now working in mobile telecomms for the last 20years. it is me that makes your phones connect to every thing (I climb masts etc and fix ALL networks in the UK) employed by Ericsson. Gamed ever since the first computers came out (no jokes about abacus's please). Married for over 33 years to my wife who is also ex forces and have 3 grown up and married daughters.
Found miscreated whist recovering from a 3 car crash on may 30th and not looked back since. Found Old Gits after talking to my mate Stenchbag who we met while playing on the now defunct GrumpyPCGamers server.

So as I said elsewhere I am 59, 60 in feb BUT very youing at heart (and do not look my age, so my wife and girls tell me!)


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