Hey guys & gals, Arisu Here

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Hey guys & gals, Arisu Here

Post by Arisu on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:19 am

Hi Everyone.

I go by the handle Arisu or Towr Arisu
Currently 33 years old. Born, Living and working in South Africa (so excuse when I diconnect from the server every now and again either due to internet or electicity problems).
Part Owner of an IT company, we serve mainly the Abattoir industry with custom software systems (and hardware when needed).
Hobbies include Gaming, Anime, Gaming and more anime ^_^
Used to play WoW & other RPGs till I found this wonderful game on this great server, now the other games are on the back-burner.
Let me know if you need anything & looking forward to see you ingame!

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