Reported by Absinth

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Reported by Absinth

Post by TopDog on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:09 am

Post by Absinth Today at 9:52 am
I got raided yesterday and this morning. First time was only a couple of items from my boxes, second time was my car.
Feels a little disheartening when I really enjoy playing on this server and try to be as helpful to others as much as I can.
I know there isn't much you can do but I thought I'd let you know it happened in case there is something that can be done.

Post by Absinth Today at 10:25 am
I'm not sure on times tbh, I logged on at 9ish this morning and they'd gone through a 3x4 panel and a locked door. Probably a similar time yesterday but that was only a shelter wall.


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