Server Rules Please read

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Server Rules Please read

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:50 pm

Miscreated Server Rules

Welcome to The Old Gits Miscreated server which is PVP & PVE
See rules or map for selected PVP areas.

Server: O L D G I T S | PVE/PVP | PVP only in Hayward/Pinecrest/Airfield | Fast Nights.

PVP Areas
Hayward Valley, Airfield & Airbase.
Pinecrest, Pinecrest Cul de Sac, Pinecrest Derby

Outside these areas are strictly PVE only unless you need to defend yourself, your base, a member of your group, or your vehicle is being stolen.

If you seek revenge for being killed in a PVP area but must be 100% sure of your killers. No Hoarding: Only 1 tent & 1 vehicle per Base.

Base raiding is NOT permitted in any zone anyone caught base raiding will be banned.

If you would like to join The Old Gits request to join our Steam Group and leave a message or talk to one of the admins.  Must be over 18 & Mature. Teamspeak is available and recommended.

If you have any issues in a PVE zone please note the time of incident so the admins can check the logs.

PvP Map


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